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Disable Auto Updates

Well THIS was annoying to discover. I woke up one day to find my WordPress 4.1.0 was now 4.1.1. I remembered disabling auto updates in early 3.X versions, so it was even MORE annoying to discover that, as of 3.7, there’s no admin button to disable it!

Security blah blah blah safety blah blah blah… I manage my own code. Insert this into wp-config.php (I put it after the database define statements):


During an update, config.php wont be overwritten and the admin update functions remain available as usual, returning full control to admin and, of course, responsibility for updating manually.

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EU Primer Fields

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The Primer Fields shown By David LaPoint… just some guy in his basement, or genius who discovered a fundamental flaw in our understanding of science? In an Electric Universe, gravity is subject to the whims of electromagnetic fields, but our understanding of how magnetic fields act has been missing a key element. He proposes that opposing bowl shaped magnetic fields are responsible for the behaviors we observe both in space and sub atomically.

With just a couple of home made bowl magnets, he clearly illustrates the basics of how these fields work. The videos are a bit long and repetitive, but well worth watching.

He attempts to explain why we see light act as a wave AND a particle, solving the riddle of the famous double slit experiment. Also, he doesn’t say this directly but the Giant Hexagon Storm on Saturn would be explained by this, as well as the exact placement of Saturn’s Rings.

Saturn Hexagon Video

The source for the above image says this:
The hexagon is an atmospheric vortex, the shape apparently created by interaction of winds circling the pole at different speeds. Each side of the hexagon is about 13,800km long, wider than Earth.

The size is pretty amazing but shape is “apparently” influenced by very strong bowl shaped magnetic fields. After watching The Primer Fields, you may also conclude that the ring is arranged magnetically as well.

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Embed SWF

This is the most cross browser compatible solution I have come up with thus far: ditch the object tag.
EmbedSWF resizes the target container, adds an optional background, then uses an innerHTML rewrite to populate it with the proper embed tag.
HTML: <div id=”swfbox”><!‐‐ swf gets inserted here by EmbedSWF ‐‐></div>

USEAGE: Specify the target ID, the full path to the swf file, width, height, optional background, and optional FlashVars:
Use a set of empty quotes for the background if you want to leave it blank but still include FlashVars, otherwise both are optional.

To have the page initialize with a file pre-loaded, place a script in a hidden p tag above the target div (if excluded, div content will show):
<p style=”display:none;”><script type=”text/javascript”>EmbedSWF(‘targetID’,’../mymedia/NewFile.swf’,600,400,’#000′,’file=this&buffertime=that&variable=something’);</script></p>
AND/OR include multiple links to load more swf files by placing script calls inside of link tags:
<p><a href=”#” onclick=”EmbedSWF(‘targetID’,’../mymedia/NewFile.swf’,600,400,’#000′,’file=this&buffertime=that&variable=something’);”>Load SWF</a></p>

function EmbedSWF(t,p,w,h,b,v){
if (b==null) {b=’none’};
document.getElementById(t).style.width=w+”px”; document.getElementById(t).style.height=h+”px”; document.getElementById(t).style.background=b;
document.getElementById(t).innerHTML=”<embed width=’100%’ height=’100%’ src=”+p+” type=’application/x-shockwave-flash’ quality=’high’ wmode=’transparent’ align=’center’ allowscriptaccess=’always’ allowfullscreen=’true’ pluginspage=’’ FlashVars='”+v+”‘></embed>”;

Here I’m using swf game files as an example

Choose A File!

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Embed MP3ep

This is a variant of EmbedSWF to accomodate a Flash mp3 player that loads playlists.
EmbedMP3ep resizes the target container, then uses an innerHTML rewrite to populate it with the proper embed tag.
Requires a copy of ep_player.swf and skins in the same folder. Playlists should specify full paths to mp3 and thumbnail image files.

USEAGE: Specify the target div, the path to the player’s FOLDER, the path to the playlist FILE, width, and height:
Other variables like autoplay, shuffle, and repeat can also be set in embedmp3ep.js file.

To have the page initialize with a playlist pre-loaded, place a script in a hidden p tag above the target div (if excluded, div content will show):
<p style=”display:none;”><script type=”text/javascript”>EmbedMP3ep(‘targetDiv’,’../files/playerFOLDER’,’../files/playlists/playlist.xml’,269,226);</script></p>
AND/OR include multiple links to load more playlists by placing script calls inside of link tags:
<p><a href=”#” onclick=”EmbedMP3ep(‘targetDiv’,’../files/playerFOLDER’,’../files/playlists/playlist.xml’,269,226);”>Load Playlist</a></p>

Choose A Playlist!

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Embed FLV

This is a variant of EmbedSWF designed to load flv videos in a page.
EmbedFLV resizes the target container, then uses an innerHTML rewrite to populate it with the proper embed tag.
Requires a copy of mediaplayer.swf.

USEAGE: Specify the target div, the full path to the player, the flv file path relative to the PLAYER, width, and height:
The target’s background is automatically reset to black when a file is loaded.

To have the page initialize with a video pre-loaded, place a script in a hidden p tag above the target div (if excluded, div content will show):
<p style=”display:none;”><script type=”text/javascript”>EmbedFLV(‘targetDiv’,’../mediapath/mediaplayer.swf’,’../videos/VideoName.flv’,720,450);</script></p>
AND/OR include multiple links to load more flv files by placing script calls inside of link tags:
<p><a href=”#top” onclick=”EmbedFLV(‘targetDiv’,’../mediapath/mediaplayer.swf’,’VideoName.flv’,720,450);”>Load Video</a></p>

Test videos are old episodes of Lost Untangled:
504 | 505 | 506 | 507

Choose a video
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The Electric Universe Discovery

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If you haven’t seen this, prepare to have your world shaken to the core. Crackpots and whackjobs aside, this WILL change everything. Some of the claims and proposals may be hard to accept, but recent astronomical data on Mars, Comets, and from the Hubble Telescope reveal an UNDENIABLE electrical component to the structure of the cosmos.

NASA has yet to officially recognize this, and continues to fabricate more and more bizarre theories to explain why what we can now SEE does not fit the model we have mistakenly clung to for our whole lives. Comets are NOT dirty snowballs that evaporate from the heat of the sun as they approach. NONE of the features we can see on Mars were carved by water or any other geological force we observe on Earth, and Mons Olympus is NOT a shield volcano. That model of the Sun we all grew up with, in fact the entire history and origin of our solar system are all built on a scientific foundation that utterly ignores electrical forces which can no longer be dismissed.

Everything we think we know is based on Gravity ruling the cosmos, but electromagnetism is 10^39 times stronger than gravity. That’s a 1 with 39 zeros after it. Dark Matter and Dark Energy are myths fabricated by scientists to explain the difference between what our equations say should exist and what we actually see in space. The 99% of “stuff” that constrains all visible matter into a cosmic cobweb, contrary to what a model based solely on gravity would predict, is NOT Dark Matter or Dark Energy. It’s Plasma. Like a football player charging in the wrong direction, we are spending all our time and resources chasing the wrong thing.

Simply put, Plasma carries an electric current invisibly across vast regions of space. These currents create magnetic fields whose strength and reach extend FAR beyond that of gravity. THIS is what creates the cosmic web of stars and galaxies strung like pearls on a string, not gravity.

This will impact every branch of science at every level, as well as our understanding of our own history. The implications are profound and shake the foundations of everything we thought we knew. I’m not saying these guys have all the answers, but even as a field of science in its infancy their model provides vastly better explanations and accurate predictions for the mysteries in space that NASA is still scratching their heads over.

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WordPress Shortcodes

Well, THIS was immensely helpful! If you change the WordPress Permalink settings, or later decide to nest your site in a directory under another, page and post links can suddenly break. Sometimes you need a slash or maybe a dot slash before a path, but if you change or move your site, all those references in your post content to other posts may need to be updated. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a shortcode for the site url that would just maintain your links no matter what?

Here’s the link to the plugin page:

It even works if you need to go levels up outside your site’s directory. You can also use this to reference images in other directories.

This plugin also offers several other short codes, noted here in parentheses instead of brackets so as not to trigger the effect:

(blogurl) will generate
(blogurl wordpress) will generate the URL to the root of your WordPress files, if they are in a different location than your site root
(blogurl noslash) will generate
(blogurl uploads) will generate
(blogurl uploads noslash) will generate
(posturl id=375) will generate the correct permalink for the post with an ID of 375; for example, <a href=”(posturl id=375)”>post about this plugin</a> would generate post about this plugin
(templateurl) will generate the URL to your parent theme’s root
(childtemplateurl) will generate the URL to your child theme’s root