The Blister Brothers

Raoul and Lester Blister – The Blister Brothers!

The Blister Brothers was a comic strip I did back in college for our school newspaper, The New Hampshire. It was published every Tuesday and Thursday. This run was from the fall semester of 1990. It’s actually the second run I did. The first run was from the fall of 1987 and maybe someday I’ll get around to posting that too.

On this run I had several friends who helped with some of the writing. The original concept was a collaboration between myself and Drew Webster. I did all of the art and most of the writing, but lots of my friends helped with ideas and dialog. The original artwork was mostly photocopy art – hand drawn by me in pencil, inked with a sharpie, touched up with white-out and taped on cut-outs, then photocopied to size for print.

Things to look for:

  • Lester’s shirt always has a different band (or something) that somehow relates to the panel.
  • Read Raoul’s voice with a stereotypical Indian accent (think Apu from The Simpsons).
  • When not in any particular setting, they live in an abstract world called Limbo.
  • My college – The University of New Hampshire, or UNH, is often used as a sound effect.
  • When you see a series of sound effects, read them all, in order. It’s a timing thing…
  • The brothers appear randomly in the logo, somewhat relevant to their prominence in the strip.
  • There are hidden messages between some of the panels.
  • Remember to read the title! It might help make some of the obscure references more obvious.

And now, years later, presented for your enjoyment (or agony)… The Blister Brothers!
(These image files are still a bit rough – someday I will clean them up a bit.)

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