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Embed MP3ep

This is a variant of EmbedSWF to accomodate a Flash mp3 player that loads playlists.
EmbedMP3ep resizes the target container, then uses an innerHTML rewrite to populate it with the proper embed tag.
Requires a copy of ep_player.swf and skins in the same folder. Playlists should specify full paths to mp3 and thumbnail image files.

USEAGE: Specify the target div, the path to the player’s FOLDER, the path to the playlist FILE, width, and height:
Other variables like autoplay, shuffle, and repeat can also be set in embedmp3ep.js file.

To have the page initialize with a playlist pre-loaded, place a script in a hidden p tag above the target div (if excluded, div content will show):
<p style=”display:none;”><script type=”text/javascript”>EmbedMP3ep(‘targetDiv’,’../files/playerFOLDER’,’../files/playlists/playlist.xml’,269,226);</script></p>
AND/OR include multiple links to load more playlists by placing script calls inside of link tags:
<p><a href=”#” onclick=”EmbedMP3ep(‘targetDiv’,’../files/playerFOLDER’,’../files/playlists/playlist.xml’,269,226);”>Load Playlist</a></p>

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