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EU Primer Fields

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The Primer Fields shown By David LaPoint… just some guy in his basement, or genius who discovered a fundamental flaw in our understanding of science? In an Electric Universe, gravity is subject to the whims of electromagnetic fields, but our understanding of how magnetic fields act has been missing a key element. He proposes that opposing bowl shaped magnetic fields are responsible for the behaviors we observe both in space and sub atomically.

With just a couple of home made bowl magnets, he clearly illustrates the basics of how these fields work. The videos are a bit long and repetitive, but well worth watching.

He attempts to explain why we see light act as a wave AND a particle, solving the riddle of the famous double slit experiment. Also, he doesn’t say this directly but the Giant Hexagon Storm on Saturn would be explained by this, as well as the exact placement of Saturn’s Rings.

Saturn Hexagon Video

The source for the above image says this:
The hexagon is an atmospheric vortex, the shape apparently created by interaction of winds circling the pole at different speeds. Each side of the hexagon is about 13,800km long, wider than Earth.

The size is pretty amazing but shape is “apparently” influenced by very strong bowl shaped magnetic fields. After watching The Primer Fields, you may also conclude that the ring is arranged magnetically as well.

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