Welcome to my website! Not much here yet, but the theme is coming along nicely. Fluid layout is stable all the way back to IE6! Resize your browser width to see it flowww… Ohh wait… nevermind. I switched to fixed 1070 width format now that I know the fluid structure is stable.

“Just because you CAN doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD.”

I’m a big fan of “less is more”, but I also like to tinker with code and graphics to make things that look cool and do stuff. I will be putting alot into my own site so I can test and organize my code snippet library, so yeah, there’s some CSS3 effects, fluid layout, fixed footer, cool backgrounds… The challenge will be to keep my weird little experiments from taking over the page. :)

Everything is not all pretty and scripted like I want it to be yet… but it’s all in progress. Little by little the pieces come together.

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