Of course, I made this awesome WordPress theme you are seeing now. It has fluid width with a very lean css3 stylesheet making it easy to reconfigure.

Here are a few samples of some other pages and sites I have built. Mainly I cut up graphics files and translate them into clean functional code, implementing scripts or re-skinning plugins as necessary.

Sony Pages

Sony-Discover – 4k
Sony-Discover – Mothers Day Promo
Sony-Discover – Baby Monitor
Sony-Discover – Netflix Promo

Sony-Discover – VirtualVAIO Promo: DEAD Link Too bad, this was a really cool page I built. I’ll have to dig around to see if I have some old screenshots.

Sony-Store – 4k Landing Page
Sony-Store – Action Cam Landing Page
Sony-Store – RX100 Landing Page

Sony-Store – Sportswalkman Landing Page: DEAD Link

Sony-Store – Vaio Software Landing Page: DEAD Link

Digithrive Sites

These two sites were done using Umbraco, an aspx based CMS. For this project I had to code all the templates as well as manage the content and create the graphics. Both of these sites pull from the same database.

Community Health Improvement Partners: Live Link | My Summary Page

Childhood Obesity Initiative: Live Link

Some other sites from Digithrive:

http://smartdesignci.com/: Live Link

http://www.regentspizza.com/: Live Link | My Summary Page

http://oxforddentallab.com/: Live Link

Personal Sites

Radiance was originally the name of an art program I directed for almost a decade. We had a great run, but afterwards I repurposed the site to include more of my portfolio and personal content.

Drupal Projects

Collectiboard is a Drupal based site. My role on this site was mainly the graphics and overall design and feel of the site, but I also helped with some user experience ideas and occasional back end dev issues. I did the logo design, background images and graphics, and overall styling of the pre-made pin-board style theme I began with.

Collectiboard.com: Live Link

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